Tuesday, 26 August 2008

It rained here today It was lovely to hear it and smell it. It lasted just long enough for David and me to sit out under the umbrella and drink our coffee this morning.
:: Oh dear, oh dear — I've succumbed to the facebook phenomenon. It's too, too distracting by far, and I have so much quilting to do!
Oh, and I've switched from hand-quilting to machining — so much faster and easier. I should have Larissa's quilt finished by the end of the week, just in time for next week's big trip north.

:: The Democratic Convention is on telly all this week, live from Denver, Colorado. So much fun to be here through a presidential campaign.
Everyone's been talking today — endlessly — aboutwhat the Clintons will do and say, and what Michelle Obama will have to get across in her speech (what a great chap hubby is, and what a great person she is, etc) some time tonight. She'll follow Teddy Kennedy (a hard act for her), and there's also been endless chatter and panel talk about whether he'll be well enough to talk (he hasn't lost the faculty of speech, apparently), and what he'll talk about, and the effect of this significant gesture by the last of the Kennedy brothers, the family which has come to represent the Democratic Party all by itself.


Anonymous said...

There is news coverage of the convention here too.

Sewing machines are a wonderful invention - use it wherever you can!

Anonymous said...

Your rain pictures are really lovely, I could feel the peace. Thank you, my mind needed some of that right now.