Friday, 29 August 2008

When all else fails ...... show a nice picture! These were taken on the drive from Albany to Perth on Tuesday three or so weeks ago. I was driving with my Melbourne mate, Sue, whose son, his partner and their dear little baby girl have moved to Albany from Perth for all that fresh air, gorgeous views and healthy living.The sky was heavy with rain, but the sunshine made the paddocks of canola (mustard) sing with colour. I've never seen so much canola in flower — it was breathtaking.
:: I don't have much to report, because when I haven't been quilting like buggery, I've been watching the amazing and theatrical events at the Democratic National Convention on the telly. It has been absolutely riveting. So many people having such a brilliant time — yee ha!
I've just heard that Susan Sarandon is there somewhere, of course. Waiting for her chance to posture. I'll just have to go back to the sewing machine when she gets going!
:: Will has started his year at Mira Costa College and so far so good — he likes all his tutors, and the classes have piqued his interest. He has yet to start sculpture, which is the one he's looking most forward to.
:: David and I are getting ready for another roadtrip, heading back up north to take in the coast of northern California, the redwoods, Mendocino, Portland in Oregon, Olympia where we'll pick up Lily and Nick, Seattle, Orcas Island in the San Juans (Nick's mum has a house there we're borrowing), and Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. It'll be beautiful at this time of the year — can't wait!


Natalie said...

I wonder if you would notice a quiet stowaway...?

Anonymous said...

You don't like Susan Sarandon? What about Rocky Horror?

Jennifer said...

I wish I felt I had the words at hand to articulate it: I believe I would have known that the photos were NOT taken in the US, by virtue of the difference of the quality of light, the sky, the vegetation (even though I couldn't have identified it specifically). Do you know what I mean? You've captured an essence of the place, a feeling, and it feels different from here. Truly marvelous.

More travel -- lucky you! Will you be dipping down as far south as Massachusetts this time?

Anna Banana said...

I'm Natalie's friend, Anna Banana. Also have a son at MC. Not quite ready for chapter 3 (tho I'm old enough) - I still have an 8th grader at home. Might be meeting you today in downtown SD, hope so.

M said...

Oh look at that Canola! So close to my home town.

Canola is a real indicator of the extent (or not) of drought in an area. When we drove through Bendigo some years back the flowering canola was only centimetres high not metres and I felt so desperately sad for those poor farmers.

Fairlie said...

There's canola all around my old home town in WA now - which is a change from when I was growing up there. There's nothing quite like the great swathes of yellow on the landscape.