Sunday, 31 August 2008

Like a cakeshop in heaven!The San Diego Quilt Fair is on this weekend, and I was lucky enough to be able to make a day of it today with Natalie, a fellow blogger who lives just a few canyons away from me. You should check out her report as well!
We had a fantastic time — there were hundreds and hundreds of quilts, and stalls selling all manner of quilt lovelies, from irresistible bargain-bundles of fat quarters to long-arm free-motion quilting machines that cost and arm and a leg.
Lots of local quilting groups were represented, showing quilts that had been team efforts. This friendly quilter was from the Chula Vista group, south of San Diego heading towards the Mexican border, and she was dead keen to show us the square she had made for this exquisite quilt.
There were all sorts of colour combinations, some more successful than others, and some really effective ways to use fabrics It was amazing to see stalls selling piles and piles of vintage quilts, many of them in superb condition and intricately made. One whole wall was devoted to historic quilts, including one beauty which had been recently finished by a woman who had found the top — which was made in the 1800s — in a store. Recognising all the work that some skilled needlewoman had put into this top all those years ago, she finished it for her with batting and quilting. Such a great idea!Can you imagine the hours and hours of work and concentration that must have gone into getting all these circles and points lined up (below)? Again and again and again — hundreds and hundreds of pieces in this huge cathedral window quilt. I think I'd have lost my mind!There were more curves and points in this beauty — way beyond my skills, but I loved the reds.
:: David and I are off on our northern jaunt tomorrow, so I'll sign off for now and see you all in a couple of weeks — unless posting opportunities present themselves en route.
See ya!!


Laura Jane said...

Aaaarrgh, the piles of quilts for sale! I'm drooling. All of those quilts are just yummy.

How wonderful to think of you two actually being in the same space, and enjoying lunch at the Bondi together.

Sigh, happy sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Did you buy much? I'd love to see your purchases.

Anna Banana said...

Great to meet you yesterday! Love your photos and Natalie's.

Fairlie said...

Oh wow! Such beautiful quilts! And sooooo much work. I'm in awe of people who can complete a quilt.

M said...

Gosh, that looks fabulous. I love heritage quilts. I'd love to make a quilt that, one day, was regarded as heritage. However, I am yet to make all. It's on my 'to do' list.