Monday, 20 July 2009

Ask me another
We happened to be listening to Radio 6PR (Radio West Coast Eagles, as we call it) a moment ago, and the announcer was running a phone-in quiz to give away tickets to see the new movie, My Life in Ruins, the sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
Listeners were asked at what famous Athens ruins the main character worked as a tour guide.
The first phone-in contestant replied: "Um, is it the Apocalypse?"
No. Next contestant: "The Hercules?"
No. Let's go back to the first contestant.
"The Necropolis?"
He got it in the end, but only when the announcer told him it rhymed with necropolis and began with an A.
I'm not making it up.
David reminded me of the time he heard Yorkie (famous white-haired Perth radio celebrity of the 1970s), quiz a listener: "What's a puma?"
And she answered: "Is it something you get in your head?"


Fairlie said...

And you wonder why we only lasted 13 months...


Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley,
That is what happens when you listen to 6PR .... do not do it again. Just think if you had been quick on the dial you could have won the tickets and gone to see that wonderful movie and that could have been a more tragic situation and you know the Greeks and tragedy ...
Shelley and Iman

Laura Jane said...


Reminds me why I hate catching taxis

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 4TO here. It causes me a rash and very nearly convulsions when I accidentally hear it...