Sunday, 12 July 2009

More settling
We've spent the morning hanging paintings, and I've got rid of the ridiculous piddly little desk I thought I'd be able to manage with, and have (above) installed a pretty glass-topped one I sourced from a local Scandinavian furniture boutique. As they say.
It's a lot bigger, so I can surround myself with all my familiars and have room to write and room for the keyboard. Much better.
Feeling even more settled.
:: That Tracey, from Peppermint Patcher, is a red-hot Scrabble player, I have to tell you. We are competing in back-to-back tournies on facebook. I start off thinking I've got her, and then she kills me. I think it's three games to one in her favour so far.
:: This arvo, our household is torn between watching West Coast play (and, hopefully, being beaten to a pulp by) the mighty St Kilda, and listening to Triple J counting down the Hottest 100 of all time. I've actually just herded Dave (West Coast hater who just winked at me and promised to behave) and my mum (big West Coast fan) off to the front room to watch the game so I can listen to the Hottest 100 through Foxtel out here in the back.
Digital radio through Foxtel is simply amazing. In the US, I was a huge fan of Pandora, which was a sort of personalised radio that I'd play through the computer. I miss it terribly, but here we have recently discovered the ABC's Dig radio, which is just as good. And you can listen online as well as through the telly, find out what's playing as it's playing, with some interactive component as well.
:: Lily just dropped in to borrow the big car for the afternoon and immediately put her fingers in her ears and started humming — turns out Foxtel's Triple J is two hours ahead of normal radio and she doesn't want to wreck the surprise.
They've just played Imagine, followed by Stairway to Heaven, so I'm outa here. Need to concentrate! Oooh ... Foo Fighters ...


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my day, except for the football.

hottest 100 + stitching a new quilt = very good day indeed.

Lesley said...

It was fab listening, but the top three or four were pretty boring, especially Teen Spirit in top spot ... Yawn! Guess that's due to the bogan element.

Anonymous said...

Great settling! Each little bit makes it more your own, doesn't it?

victoria said...

It's a great feeling to get paintings hung up in a new house, isn't it!