Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday in the hood
These pics are for Shelley.
She told me off today for not doing any more of these picture posts.
They weren't taken today (cos we were lunching and yacking).
But still taken on a Friday.
:: I am obsessed with this guy singing this song in his pink shirt. This long version, with the orchestra. Fab. (Will, who has for years patiently taught me about the music he loves, and who has introduced me to so many amazing bands and performers, is unimpressed. "Mum! It's so hideous! This is SO bad!")


Anonymous said...

My Blog
Thanks for your share
Nice to meet you

Hsinchu, Taiwan

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lesley,
I love these photos because they make look me look with different eyes at my little home town.
Love Shelley