Sunday, 20 December 2009

Almost there
After three years in storage without us, the old Christmas tree was retrieved from the garage on Thursday. It spends its non-Christmas days wrapped tightly in an old tablecloth, bound in gaffer tape.
In my book, if you can't have the real, proper Christmas tree species — preferably a Norwegian spruce, or any of the beautiful conifers we could get in the US — then I'm going artificial.
I bought this pretend tree 27 years ago, and they do not make trees of this calibre any more. Even my best friend Dace, who is strictly a Must-Be-A-Real-Christmas-Tree girl, was full of admiration and had to ask if it was real or not.
Anyway. I got the tree into the living room, set it up in its stand, and then realised a lot of the branches had broken off, leaving it very gappy and sad-looking.
But two hours with metres of black cloth tape, pliers and the hot-glue gun soon fixed that.
Don't you love Christmas?


Barbara said...

Lesley, your tree is so traditional and beautiful and the ornaments are lovely. Thank you for your soothing words to this floundering challenger and good luck with the adorable beanies, hope you can find a cool and calm spot in which to knit!

Anonymous said...

Les, That looks so beautiful,so glam and traditional. Great repair job,Shelley

Laura Jane said...

Love it!

We went back to our old one, an artificial tree we bought in 1983, our first Xmas together.

Last year I found its identical larger counterpart and up-sized it, so we're pretty happy with it too.

I'll try and drop around before the big day, after work maybe.

Frogdancer said...

Ahhh.... it isn't Christmas without the smell of the hot glue gun!

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

I love your tree. I miss 'real' trees, too. Too hot and humid here.

Jennifer said...

Well done!