Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Best-laid plans
Here's a pic of beautiful, beautiful City Beach last Saturday.
Will and Jesse have spent many mornings there, and Will is very proud to show off our superb white sand and clean blue water to his mate from San Diego.
Perth people rave about Cottesloe, but frankly, it sucks compared to City and Floreat!
:: I'd set aside yesterday and today for Christmas shopping.
But Lily has asked us to cast a critical eye over her thesis before she sends it off to college this week, so we shelved the shopping plan (not unhappily).
I have orders now for seven aprons to make for Christmas gifts, and I'd set aside Sunday to make them all. I started early and had them all cut out and ready to go, but as I was sewing number one, my sewing machine, the trusted and beloved Bernina workhorse, started acting a little weirdly (nothing major, just a big loop on the underside every 10 or 12 stitches), so I now have a table full of apron parts.
Oh well! I'm keeping calm and carrying on.

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M said...

It's funny how we have our favourite beaches for no rational reason.

I love Cott but that's because I've grown up going there and no where else (in Perth). I'm sure you're right about City and Floreat. I can't believe I've never swum there.