Friday, 5 November 2010

Book club

We met in Shelley's beautiful walled garden, on a warm morning with just a gentle breeze.Shelley served a perfect brunch, and the table was set with crisp white linen and bowls and bowls of flowers. We really do have the most wonderful book club.:: I fear the old Chapter III has become a little dull of late. Neglected, even. But what with working the occasional full week (another one coming up next week), and trying to amass crafty creations for Our Big Christmas Sale (more on that very soon), I have hardly had time to do anything, let alone blog about it. However, I'm aware of my shortcomings and normal service will be resumed as soon as things settle down.
:: My grandson's Big Seven party wet off brilliantly last night, and the candles really added to the cake's volcanic landscape!


andamento said...

It looks and sounds wonderful, I'm on my way over!

Rattling On said...

Tell me about the time thing!! I work full time and my other half works away 3 out of four weeks a month, so there's the house as well. I do love blogging, though.
Your book club looks idyllic, I'd ask to join but I still get flashbacks to A level English Lit when deconstructing a book.
Thanks for showing the sunshine. None here, but plenty of the wet stuff. As per usual...

Lesley said...

Dawn: No books are harmed in the making of our book club! We held our first meeting in the '80s, when our kids were little, and the aim was o talk about The Shipping News, which had just come out. Only one or two of us actually read the book before the meeting, and we spent our first meeting talking about everything under the sun (mainly kids, school, and kids. We put out a newsletter, elected a committee, invited guest speakers from the world's literary stage, chose the next book ... and didn't meet again until this year! Now our kids are all grown up, it's time again for the Shipping News Book Club. We've had four meetings and are yet to discuss "the book" in any capacity.
The best book club in the world!