Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday scrapbook

Something besides trees for Dawn's Sunday Scrapbook!
This is a peek at Will's painting, from his course work. His first self-portrait (above), from week two of his painting class, worked quickly and entirely in paint, without sketching. Really good.
These are really attractive abstracts from later in the semester ...The one below is a view of the farm ...
And here he has played with it in Photoshop — it's now my desktop image.:: I just clipped Yoshi's claws and we went for a long walk together. It rained the entire time and we didn't get wet, but it was ever so slightly refreshing.
Back to the sewing machine ...


Rattling On said...

That portrait is amazing. Real talent there.
Rained and you didn't get wet....? I NEED you to pass on this trick. Dawn.

Puppet Lady said...

Lovely artwork, Lesley.

I too would like to know the secret of walking in the rain and not getting wet!


Lesley said...

Well, there were about two big drops a square metre, and the temperature was about 31C (88F), so the drying was equal to the getting wet!