Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sunday Scrapbook

It starts in the second half of October, when you think you can just detect a slight mauve haze about the bare branches of the jacarandas — I can see four from my kitchen window.
These shots were taken from the door to our back deck in three-day intervals, starting with the one above on October 25.And then, all of a sudden, it's obvious the flowers are truly on their way.For Perth people, this loveliness is a symbol of approaching summer, but sadly, the stronger association for younger people is with the start of the TEE exams (brutal end-of school exams that determine university places ... or not).
The jacarandas are at their full purple magnificence right now. Posted for Dawn's Sunday Scrapbook.


Fairlie said...

We had one hanging over our backyard in Melbourne flowered a lot later than the Perth ones. And I recall it dropped something onto the paving below for most of the, leaves, twigs, seedpods. I think they are a tree best placed in a nice open lawned area! (You may have realised I have an aversion to plant materials dropping onto paving!!)

They are, however, the most magnificent tree.

Rattling On said...

They are fantastic! When we lived down south in England I used to love magnolia trees, they have beautiful blooms that cover the branches (but not purple). They won't grow here, too high up and cold!
I Googled jacaranda for a good look- they can reach 30 metres high!!
Thanks for joining in again, I'll add your link. Dawn.

Lesley said...

Fairlie: The jacarandas near us are either in neighbours' gardens or the park at the back of our garden, where they have plenty of room. I was out in the park this arvo with the dog and there's a thick carpet of purple all over the grass!

Dawn: We can grow lovely magnolias as well, and I recall some real beauties in Los Angeles.

Anonymous said...

I bet there is a lovely purple carpet underneath.

Natalie said...

It's nice reading about your Australian seasons Lesley. What you are beginning, we are closing the door on, and here I can happily reflect on both. Our jacaranda trees were in bloom just about the time students were finishing their final exams... last June.
And your apron, *Our Lady of Hot Tamales,* is awesome!