Saturday, 8 January 2011

Enter a bold, bright new year!

{Pic: Estancia el Rocio, a guest house in Argentina, via An Indian Summer}

Twelfth night has come and gone, taking with it the tree and trimmings, all of which are now safely wrapped and stashed. This, for me, is the start of the new year, once all the Christmas hullabaloo has died away, the new calendars are up, the diary is still neat and tidy, and the next twelve months stretch out with few deadlines or expectations and lots of potential.

{Love those textiles against the white woodwork. Pic: vtwonen}

I'm back at work but sure have enjoyed the post-Christmas calm. I've had a very productive time since the sale (which was a month ago already!), and have made five tea-cosies, a bag, three cushions, a chair pad (for a cane chair I picked up one bring-out-your-dead weekend) and four dresses.
No pics, strangely, of all the stuff I've been making. So I've sprinkled this post with pics of gorgeousness I've come across in my many meanderings trough design blogs. Yummy.
I've been reading lots (abandoned Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood for Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna — a much more comfortable fit) and we've been to the movies.
{You'd go crazy getting those stripes perfect — but what a great result! I love it. Pic: househome}

Loved The Social Network, and enjoyed The King's Speech, though a couple of days ago I read a great (blog?) article that compared it incident by incident to The Karate Kid, which made me laugh ... and rang true. In much the same way you can see Harry Potter is just like Star Wars re-told .... Anyway, other than the odd swear-word, TKS is a safe-as-houses movie if you want something to take your mother-in-law to see! And Geoffrey Rush will likely take out another Oscar for playing yet another kooky West Australian — when all the time I suspect he's only really playing Geoffrey Rush.
Enough about the fillums.
{I'm collecting pics that show long, low bookcases — this is a beauty. Pic: Skona Hem}

A production of Romeo and Juliet started in King's Park last night — David is reviewing it for Monday's West. We were both remembering how, in 1972, we sat together in the UWA arts common room, sucking on cigarettes (Alpines for me and Marlboro for David) and swigging coffee at 8am, trying to write essays about R&J that were due in at 9am. The subject was the role of the messenger in the play.
I still had starry-eyed visions of myself (lol) as Olivia Hussey ...
... in Zeffirelli's 1968 movie (which I wept buckets through with my friend Jill, sitting upstairs in the Gaumont on Prince of Wales Road in Norwich, munching on After Eights). So my essay was all hand-wringing and "OMG if ONLY that dickhead messenger had pulled his finger out and got to Romeo on time, he would have KNOWN Juliet was drugged not dead and he'd still be alive and they'd have got married and bought somewhere fabulous to live in Padua or even Venice with a canal outlook and it would all have been just wonderful ..."
I got a D, whereas David got an A+ for his ever-so-succinct "There would BE no play if the messenger had got there ..."


Natalie said...

Oh that last pic... swoon!
That movie was just too-too much for this young girl. The night I met Geoff was at an end of school beach party, and before some fool student could burn his English text, I tore this very picture out of the book. I still have it, with other summer of '82 mementos.
Happy New Year... I hope it continues to be full of beautiful images, and romantic thoughts. And the messenger may have saved the play, but the bum should have done his job!!

Mousy Brown said...

Liked so many bits in this I can't think what to say so can I just send you a big smile??!! :D

Karen said...

Michael York as Tybalt!! Swoon and stay down!
When we did R&J in high school, we examined all the incidents where fate supposedly played a role, and identified the bad decisions that preceded them. I think our lit teacher was trying to tell us impetuous teenagers something.