Sunday, 16 January 2011

Italy and daggy pants

{From Italian Villas, via Desire to Inspire}

I thought you might like a little Sunday outing — to Castello di Reschio in Umbria, close to the Tuscan border.
Simple furnishings, uncomplicated colour schemes, airy rooms and lovely views.
I reckon I could whip up a mural like this really easily ... very effective!
:: I'm sewing today — finishing off yesterday's quilt top and a couple of pairs of pants ready for our summer break next week.
Things were going well with the pants until on one pair I discovered that instead of sewing each of the two front pieces to the two back pieces, I'd sewn the fronts together and the backs together — so one leg is a totally different shape and size from the other.
You may ask why I didn't just unpick and start again, and the answer is that I couldn't be bothered — by the time I'd noticed, I'd finished off all the raw edges and was up to the waistband.
Anyway, I finished them and they will do for holiday wear. They are lovely, comfy, very lightweight cotton pants that look really odd but feel okay!


Anonymous said...

You just need to do lots of gym work and lunges on just one leg - that'll even out the pants.

I adore the second room. I could live there forever.

Anonymous said...

You trendsetter , I am with you I could not bear to start again . Would a man on a galloping horse notice? Love the Mural.