Friday, 14 January 2011

Lunch at the seaside

David and I took Lily and Nick for lunch at Clancy's Fishpub at City Beach today. It sits right on top of the beach, looking over the dunes to the sea — an amazing location. It's been open only a week or so, and the colourful, friendly, beachy atmosphere is bound to be a winner. We loved the fun, bright decor — especially the overhead light fittings festooned with what look like beach towels! These are little sea-urchin lights hanging from craypots ... ... while this is superb! Fish hooks embedded in thick glass.
The sky was a little overcast today, so the ocean wasn't its usual fluorescent turquoise, but Clancy's owner Joe Fisher reckons when the beach is that typical WA blue and white, the whole place sings.
:: It was my gorgeous Will's 21st birthday on Wednesday, which means all my kids are now officially grown-up, even if turning 21 doesn't mean anything of any real significance these days. We kicked off the celebrations with a family barbie. I had to work until after 6pm, so Lily and David did all the work — it was fabulous.
I'd gone to bed when I realised I didn't have a picture of Will on his birthday, so I got up and we took this very bad shot!
:: Just one more week as Sir, and then I'm off for two whole weeks - yay! Bay here we come ...


Anna said...

what a beautiful place to have lunch. so colourful and relaxed.
my brother turns 21 soon and my mum is freaking out, she can't believe she has a child who's 21.

Jennifer said...

How lovely -- what a beautiful family you have, and what an amazing *homeland* to which you've returned. Congratulations on a life clearly being well lived!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a lot of thought has gone into that interior! I especially love the fish hooks in glass.