Tuesday, 15 March 2011


:: In between watching ever more disturbing news bulletins from Japan over the past few days, I've been painting — pictures and Easter eggs — sewing, and knitting. And doing an awful lot of cleaning — all areas of the house are now tidy, safe, clean and fully functioning, you'll be relieved to hear.
:: I see my wonderful grandchildren every Friday — last Friday was Crazy Hair Day at Mack's school!
:: News this morning about north-east Japan's Fukushima nuclear power station is pretty scary. This article in the NY Times is a great help in explaining what's going on. The Japanese plants were designed to withstand emergencies greater than scientists expected, but that was still a lot smaller than last Friday's earthquake and tsunamis.
Fingers crossed for everyone there today.


SmitoniusAndSonata said...

The news from Japan , unfolding all weekend , and the growing realisation that it could get a lot worse made me cook increasingly hearty meals .
An attempt , like your spring-cleaning , to make even a little corner of the world feel safer ?
I love that wide two-toothed beam ! Aren't grandchildren fabulous !!

Lesley said...

Yes, a natural disaster gets me into serious cocooning — and feeling so grateful to be living in such an ancient and geologically stable part of the world.

Jennifer said...

We're talking a lot here about the need to be caring, to help in any way we can, and yet to move ahead -- not to be debilitated by the news or by the thoughts of what could happen. It's a delicate balance, which your amazing butterfly wing drawings seem to reflect to me.

Barbara said...

Love both knitting and butterflies! Am hoping angels can stop nuclear overheating somehow ...

Artoholic said...

The earth can be a delicate fragile place - so reminiscent of your beautiful Painted Ladies.

I had a butterfly land on my giant mushroom that was planned for dinner. I had it in my hand and the butterfly hitched a ride.

Off to look at more of your lovely blog.