Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Going round

Circular knitting — well, this gorgeous purple one is.
It's a mobius version of this lacy cowl, knit in a glorious sock-weight Lana Woll (yes, woll not wool), which was a present the other day from my best friend Shelley.
It's lovely to knit with, and I thought its changing textures and colours would suit this easy-peasy lace.
This next project, a beret for the Divine Miss Iman, is not actually being knit in the round, but I have temporarily transferred it to a circular needle because after the initial ribbing, there were so many increases that it hardly fit on the straight ones.This is also yummy yarn, an Eki Riva 8ply baby alpaca, made in Peru, that is so beautiful to work with that I can't help picking it up and doing a row or two during the day.
Mind you, it's my first ever attempt at cables and bobbles, so a row takes me quite a while.
Both projects met with disaster yesterday, which was probably because I was working on them while I was keeping an eye on the Oscars. Last night I had to frog four rows of the green, and three rows of the purple. Aaaaagh.
That'll teach me to loll about in front of daytime telly.


Rattling On said...

They both look great. I don't knit in the round unless it's absolutely unavoidable. I find it so slow, I usually adapt the pattern for two needles if possible. And how lovely you have a friend who gives you yarn... none of mine knit or really do any crafts. Boring lot!

Betsy said...

i love my little green bonnet. elizabeth bennet would be jealous. thank you lesley! i cant wait for the weather to change so that i can get it out and show it off more!