Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday scrapbook

First thing this morning, about 7am. A slight breeze, low sunlight, fresh air — I love sitting here looking at the treetops (that's my foot at the bottom of the pic).
Ten minutes later. This is the view from the sofa near the kitchen door, looking out on to the back deck. The front of the house is on a main road, but the back is green and lush and peaceful, and we back on to a big park.
A little while later, it's still gorgeous sitting here.
But an hour later, I've had to pull down the blinds and move to the other side of the house, into the shade, because already the sun is so hot the room's getting uncomfortable, and I don't want to switch on the air-conditioner so early.By lunchtime, we have to have the air-con on, and the blinds will be down until evening.Right now, about 2.30pm, it's 38 (100F) with a little bit of high cloud. Perth is having a stinking February: no day under 30 (86F), and no night under 20 (68F). With uncommon humidity. Yesterday, I'd been out all afternoon and drove home at about 8.15pm, and as I got out of the cool car, my glasses fogged up in the drenching heat outside. Yuck!
Mind you, this is easily put up with, compared to some of the other natural events in this part of the world.
Posted to join in Dawn's Sunday Scrapbook on the other hemisphere — where she is looking forward to some regular sunshine!


Rattling On said...

Too right I am!! Daughter No1 is in Mumbai at the moment and the temperatures are touching 40 every day there as well. But not here...

Puppet Lady said...

Heat combined with humidity is rather draining, isn't it? Hope it cools down for you soon. Nice sequence of pictures, though. Enjoy those early mornings!

andamento said...

Way too hot for me! 20C is about my max before I start to wilt. Seems a shame to have to shut all that lovely sunshine away, but when it's so hot and fierce I guess you've no choice really. Hope it cools down for you soon.

Mousy Brown said...

I know I'll be complaining when it gets too hot (when??!! I mean IF!!) but at the moment a hint of sun and warmth would be very gladly accepted...I may just bask in the reflected glow from your photos LOL