Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday scrapbook

The farm sold a couple of weeks ago, so here are a few random and last shots for Dawn's Sunday Scrapbook.
Three generations of our family have had a great time there, staying in the little shack, often with friends on every available bed inside, and in tents and the backs of cars in the paddock.
Over the years, David's parents planted trees when grandchildren were born, and Simon planted lots of trees in the home paddock.
Whenever friends and relatives visited from overseas, we'd always take them to the farm at sunset so they could watch the kangaroos leap over the fence between the farm and the national park and then graze on the open paddocks.
Our kids all had their very first driving "lessons" on the track from the road up to the shack.
When they were really little, they'd sit on David's or my lap as we drove up from the road, their little hands on the steering wheel, squealing with laughter as the cows tried to get close and lick the car windows. On our trip south a few weeks ago, Simon was able to do this with his son, Mack, on his as Simon had sat on ours over thirty years earlier.


Rattling On said...

Sort of a sad post, but good you have so many great memories of the farm. We've never had a family 'place', sort of thing I'd do with a lottery win! Dawn

victoria said...

It sounds sad the farm selling. For some reason I particularly like the fence in the first photo.