Saturday, 12 February 2011

Weekend tangents

I was just listening to the news while I checked my emails and had my cup of tea, and then caught sight of this corner of my desk — coincidentally appropriate with all the tumultuous news from Egypt (oooh ... fingers crossed). The lotus seed head — the flower is the ancient symbol of Upper Egypt — I dried out last year after Shelley gave it to me when it was beautifully green and fresh and on a long stalk.
:: My David is going to be so busy over the next few weeks now the Perth festival has started! No more quiet nights of dinner and an old episode of Cracker (I must say, they have stood up surprisingly well in the decade and a half since they were made!). Last night was the Big Festival Opening (yes... with fireworks ... stifled yawn) and tonight we're off to see Donka: A Letter to Chekhov.
:: In the meantime my best friend Shelley and the girls are soon to arrive for a sewing marathon with Lily and me, making more loveliness from this book. So I'd better quit whingeing and clean this mess up!
Have a great weekend, everyone!

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Fairlie said...

You have a much more artistic corner of your desk than I do!

I hope you had a fun sewing marathon.

(word verification is 'boozy'...hehehehe)