Sunday, 13 February 2011


In between everything else going on around here, I've got stuck into my crocheting again, in an attempt to either finish this granny rug or at least get it to a size at which it can be useful in some way. As a cushion cover or lap rug.
Of course, it might be that I hate this arse end of summer and am projecting cooler, wintry fantasies — often when I'm crocheting I have to throw the whole thing off me as it's just too darned hot to be sitting with it over me.:: Lily and Nick (pictured above, hiking in Utah) have moved in here temporarily before they move to Melbourne. They have a house organised, but cannot move in until after the 18th of this month. Lily is also waiting for her interview here in Perth for a place on the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program. If she's successful, she'll be moving to Japan for a year.
I'm trying not to think about her leaving, after so loving having her and Nick living about a kilometre away and seeing her so often. But oh, I do understand the lure of wonderful Melbourne for bright, active young people.
:: The Perth festival show, Donka: A Letter to Chekhov, was breathtaking last night. Clever, moving, beautiful, spectacular. If you get a chance to see it, make sure you do.


Rattling On said...

Love the granny project!!!

Anna said...

i have very fond memorimes of those blankets, both my grandmothers had them when i was little. :)

Anonymous said...

Gosh those colours are so amazing!