Thursday, 15 March 2007

Family album ...

:: I thought that some pics of us from the past few months might be in order, so you can catch up with how we've changed (like Will, photographed for his school yearbook, above!), and see what a great time we've been having.
These are all in random order, but scroll away ... and remember to click on them if you want to see bigger versions.

:: Randy (one of Will's school mates), Will and Simon pose it up after bringing in the Christmas tree. I fiddled about with taking the red-eye out of Will, so he's ended up looking rather more demonic than usual. And he's now just over 6'2". Mack's on the floor playing with his cars. I just noticed Yoshi taking a sneaky sniff of Randy's leg!

:: Marnie, Mack and Simon at Disneyland, early January. Here we're on the train that does a big circuit of the Magic Kingdom. Sigh ... I do love it there!

:: On another day at Disneyland, Will and Lily wait for the ride to begin.

:: I finally got to go on the Raiders of the Lost Ark ride with Simon, something I waited ten years to do. It was FAB!

:: Marnie and Mack on a look-out at La Jolla - so beautiful there.

:: This is one of Disneyland's pics of Simon, Lily, Will and Lauren (one of our great waitresses, from Tasmania) on the rollercoaster, California Screamin', which does a 360-degree loop-the-loop. Needless to say, I never go on it!

:: Marnie, Mack and I as the evening draws in at Disneyland and the temperature drops. Mack's crazy about his Buzz Lightyear toy ... but later throws it in the water at California Adventure.

:: Dave and Les at the world's best lolly store, at Julian, a tiny town up in the mountains. They sell fantastic little cups of hot spiced cider to help keep the cold away.

:: Very happy mother and son at the Bondi opening party, January 25 (it was already Australia Day in Australia). I told you these pics were in random order!

:: While I looked after Mack here in San Diego, Simon and Marnie spent the first two weeks of the year in Amsterdam, where this pic was taken.

:: Marnie looking gorgeous in her amazing vintage boots amid the bicycles and cobblestones of old Amsterdam.


Jude said...

Love your blog. How did you wind up in San Diego? Seems like a long way from WA!

el zed said...

Leaving a comment on my own blog to reply to you! We've opened an Australian restaurant with two other WA families. It's in the Gaslamp area of San Diego, and it's called the Bondi ( So far so good - it's a hit! It's such a great place, though I miss my friends and family so much. We've been here just over a year. I'll look out for your posts. - Lesley