Thursday, 22 March 2007

Gorgeous bunnies ...

:: They don't really celebrate Easter in this country - not, say, like they do Halloween, or Christmas - but there's still an awful lot of Easter-ish stuff about. Like these oh-so tasty, naturally-flavoured and naturally-coloured little bunnies in Ralph's. Yum oh!

:: Dave and I had a day in LA yesterday - he in Santa Monica talking to the immigration lawyers about visas for the new Bondi staff, and I at the LA County Museum of Art.
I was just ever so slightly disappointed by my first visit to this prestigious - and enormous - gallery because there is a massive rebuilding program going on, and the contemporary collection was not accessible.
Still, there was a big exhibition that had opened only a couple of weeks ago, The Art of the Modern West, which was all about representations of Western landscapes, in drawings, prints and paintings and some spectacular early photography. It took in work from the late 1800s to 1950 - which was another little bitty disappointment for me because the stuff I'm really interested in all kinda starts around the 50s. We got right to the edge of my interest zone with a couple of tempting works by Jackson Pollock, but that was it.
That is not to say I didn't spend a lovely hour or two looking at it all - lots of wide open spaces just like there are in Australian landscape art. But many of the American paintings showed skies full of clouds, and valleys with big rivers, and everywhere a general abundance - oh for such a fertile, well-watered continent!

:: This (above) is just a small part of LACMA - the Japanese pavilion, set in beautifully designed and maintained Japanese-style gardens. It was a very cold, rainy, hazy, grey day, as you can see.

:: The museum is right next to the famous La Brea tar pits and their museum - this is just a little prehistoric teaser glimpsed from one of LACMA's walkways.

:: David met me there after his meeting, and we drifted about for a while, looking at room after room of European art from the Middle Ages - then we walked out on to Wilshire Boulevard where, right before our eyes, a movie was being shot! I do love this crazy place!

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