Saturday, 24 March 2007

It's raining ...

... well, at least, it was yesterday, with two cracks of lightning and a bit of thunder. It was so exciting I had to take a pic of raindrops splashing on the pool surface. I think San Diego has had 2 inches of rain this winter - and the average yearly rainfall along the coast is about 10 inches. So it's quite a treat when it pours!

:: So much of a treat, in fact, that Lily even sat out in it, under the pool umbrella. And she lives in a part of the world where you don't see the sun for days and days because of the cloud cover and the incessant drizzle.
We get so little rain down here that our house doesn't even have gutters, apart from along the bit of roof that is next to the path to the front door, so visitors don't get drenched walking up to the house.

:: Daylight saving came in here a couple of weeks ago and, though it's just a one-hour difference, it has completely thrown me. I have only just started adjusting so we don't eat dinner at 8.30pm.

:: Nothing more to report - Lily's been working hard on a paper for college which is now finished, so she can at last start to unwind.

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