Thursday, 8 March 2007

Truckloads of fun ...

:: It's now legally okay to live with your partner in North Dakota. Last week, the state repealed an old law that said unmarried couples living together were sex criminals. Mind you - the vote for repealing this law was tight: 48 to 41. Must be some strong-minded, principled pollies in ND.
This has nothing to do with the truck I photographed above, which I thought you'd enjoy.

:: This (below) is a view of San Diego harbour from the area downtown known as Little Italy, one of my favourite parts of the town. There are lots of little cafes and wine bars, and some great delis and design stores. And they seem to be forever closing off the main street, India Street, to have a festival, or a parade, or a party. It has a great atmosphere.
:: While I was in 'Chi-town' on the weekend, I read in the Tribune that some guy was suing a Chicago tattoo parlour for bad spelling. Yay! The idiots tattooed 'CHI-TONW' on his chest and the poor sucker is now suing for emotional distress caused by 'public ridicule'.

:: As you can probably tell, today was pretty quiet. Dave had to go to Santa Monica and I entertained the idea of driving up with him and spending the day looking at the galleries, but gave it a miss so I could spend the day pretending to do housework.
Anyway, here's a pic of our glorious baseball park, Petco Park, just around the corner from Bondi. This was a fabulous summer's day, and our team, the Padres, was doing brilliantly. We almost got as far as the World Series - though my terminology could be askew.
The 07 season starts very soon, and Dave and I can't wait - it's fantastic fun and a great day's yelling and cheering. Bondi will be selling hot pies and sauce in brown paper bags so you can take them to the game.
:: I'm planning to be back in Perth early April - just have to wait until Will has his spring break and is back at school. I'll spend a few days in Albany, a couple of weeks in Perth to clear out the house so we can put it on the market, and a few days in Melbourne on my way back - if Sue will have me!

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Look forward to it. Glorious weather, bring coat.