Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Bones ...

That's Will's nickname in certain quarters, and this (above) is his amazing piece of digital 'painting', which is my desktop wallpaper at the moment. Clever, huh?

:: We've just had the Memorial Day long weekend - except that Dave worked for almost all of it. He was at the office and the Bondi all day Saturday and all day Monday, and then got a migraine. Guess who needs a holiday?
I, meanwhile, started to make the Perfect Bag Mk II (Maggie knows where Mk I has gone!). It still needs its handles ...

... and while it doesn't exactly look its best posed on the daggy ironing board, it will actually be a purler. I'm loving it. Can't wait to get it finished and on my shoulder!

:: Okay Vegemites - I need you to send some vibes this way. Today, Dave and I re-visited the amazing house we'd found in University Heights. Which has been reduced by $100,000 since we first saw it. We meandered through it, imagining where the furniture would go - you know how you do when you look at an empty house - and David, normally the most prosaic of men, was even talking about putting in an infinity-edge pool to take full advantage of the canyon view.
We discovered two rooms on the lower ground floor that we hadn't even realised were there. And all the four bedrooms had built-in cupboards; two of them had balconies. All the floors, upstairs and down, were solid oak. While we were out the back, an eagle soared over the canyon, which is so deep that the eagle was at eye-level with us ... Gorgeous.

Anyway, while we were wandering, someone else got busy and put in an offer for it. Contingent upon selling their house. So, as I was saying, send some vibes this way ...
(Then, when I got home, I dropped a bottle of tomato sauce, and shortly after, a plate. The day has gone downhill rather!)

:: Change of subject. This (below) is the Marriott hotel near the convention centre, downtown. It's h-u-g-e, as you can see from this shot of the lobby. Must be the biggest Marriott lobby in the whole of the southern hemisphere (don't hear that too often in these here parts).

David and I were there last week for lunch, as guests of Lisa, one of our mates at the Union Bank of California. It was a fundraiser for an organisation Lisa supports which funds, builds, runs and maintains homes for senior cits.

:: The sun's been out - well, every now and then:

That was supposed to be an arty shot to show you that the May Grey's weakening: we had a little blue sky in between the clouds!
And even the dogs enjoyed being outdoors:

They ran and ran in our little bit of grassy parkland down in the bottom of the canyon, and then, all tuckered out, were very happy to be chauffeured back home.

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