Monday, 14 May 2007

A fab night at the Bondi!

:: On Saturday nights, David and I usually invite friends to join us for dinner at the Bondi. This weekend our guests were Paul and Debby Hopper, a fantastic Australian couple (Sydney) now living in San Diego. We first met them when they hosted a show of Aboriginal art from Utopia at their house.

:: Dave and I went out in our Freo scarves (as you can see, above) to support Our Dear Boys who were to play the Hawks later that night (our time). Rhy, one of our chefs, and a few other staffers are big Hawthorne supporters, so Dave and I felt we had to stick it to them. Lucky the boys went on to do the right thing ...

:: When we arrived, everyone told us the place had been really pumping with the pre-baseball crowd, and by the time we finished our meal, it was starting to build up again with post-game revellers and the arrival of the Bright Young Things, who tend to congregate between 10.30pm and 2am.

:: There was such a big crowd that we had a queue to get in!
I went outside to take some of these photos and one of our diligent bouncers wouldn't let me get back in!
'You gotta get in line, ma'am,' he growled. But I set him straight ... 'Now, look here my good fellow ...'
Just joshin' with ya.

:: Oh - forgot to mention that Wolfmother were in last week. Our Australian staffers recognised them at once, but the others didn't have a clue! Will went to their concert and said it was sick, amazing and awesome. Now he has tickets to see Queens of the Stone Age at Irvine next week - middle of the front row, no less!

:: Mother's Day today, so happy days and much love to all my mates who are mums - I've been thinking of you. XXX.

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