Thursday, 17 May 2007

Green and grey ...

:: Bought flowers yesterday to brighten up the place - two days of May Grey don't do much for the soul. Plus, Andrea came and had lunch with me (roast chicken and cous cous salad, tea and white Lindt chocolate) which was loverly, so flars were in order.
I'm not doing as well as Will when it comes to photographing flowers - though I pinched his big white flashboard (grubby with footprints) for my background.

:: And today it was c-o-l-d as the May Grey digs in. This is the view from our bedroom window upstairs, looking south, at about 2.20pm:

:: All that cloud and humidity mean it'll be an age before the front and back of my linen knitted top dry out. I've 'blocked' them, by wetting them quickly, laying them out flat and gently pulling them into shape. They've been like this on Lily's bed for over 24 hours now ...

:: You can just make out the pattern I knit into the top of the front piece. Though really, how these two daggy looking squares of string will ever manifest as something remotely wearable, let alone flattering to wear, is, quite frankly, a mystery.
In the meantime, it's on with the baby clothes as I await further instructions about my part in the International Tote Exchange.

:: I'm off very soon for dinner at the Bondi - it's chicken parma night tonight! Seeya!

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