Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Go, go gadget radio!

On Saturday, the day before Mother's Day, Dave and I drove across town to the huge Best Buy store, to find him the perfect radio for the kitchen. He is a devoted radio listener - current affairs talkback, music, sports, KPBS, BBC World Service and even redneck talkback (know thine enemy). And he has the darned thing on all the time when he's in the kitchen. Not that I mind at all, really, because when he's in the kitchen he's usually cooking something fabulous for dinner, or making me a cup of tea, or brewing coffee. Bless him.
So, knowing he deserved only the very best, this is what we got him:

It's a beaut little Sony machine that screws in under a cupboard, which it then uses as a soundbox, so it sounds brilliant. It can give you instant weather reports (though they could play the same one over and over again in these here parts ... "Warm, dense marine layer this morning, becoming sunny and warm in the afternoon, cool this evening ...") and it can play CDs. Also, it comes with a neat little remote that is magnetic, so it will cling fetchingly to the side of the fridge. I'm sure that might be very handy one day.
Anyway, David loves his new radio, which he and Will installed together, with a bit of huffing and puffing and a trip to the hardware store after turning the place upside-down looking for the requisite drill bit.
Dave worked at home today (Monday), so we blissed our way through Satie's piano works (Gymnopedies and Gnossiennes) and Bach's partitas for piano. Tres plaisant!
Now it's chatting away all by itself in the kitchen, cos Dave is in the living room watching the baseball (Cubs v Mets) while the spuds are acooking.

:: I was late posting this because my camera battery ran out just as I was taking David's picture - then I got sidetracked for a couple of days!

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