Friday, 25 April 2008

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[Thought you'd all enjoy this pic, taken by my daughter Lily, of one of her college friends in Canyonlands National Park, south-east Utah, during spring break.]

This week it's all about seasons:
Do your reading habits change in the spring? Do you read gardening books? Even if you don't have a garden? More light fiction than during the winter? Less? Travel books? Light paperbacks you can stick in a knapsack? Or do you pretty much read the same kinds of things in the spring as you do the rest of the year?
I'm unaware of changing my reading habits in the spring, as, apart from my childhood in England, I always seem to have lived somewhere where there are really only two seasons: summer and not summer.
That's not to say there isn't evidence of spring here in San Diego, or that we didn't recognise spring in Western Australia. But when it's sunny all year, what's the fuss?

Here, in SD, there just isn't that sense of wonder after recovering from — and having survived — a winter immersed in snow, or even really icy-cold temperatures and weeks of rain.
Winter here is not so very different from summer, just a bit colder.

And in Western Australia, where spring comes towards the end of the year, in the crazy frenzy of the lead-up to Christmas, it causes mixed feelings in me: sure it's a wonderful warm growing season, but at the same time it's the precursor to the long hot summer, which is mostly something to be endured.
For me, the joy there is all about autumn, the longest time from the start of summer and the best possible weather.

So to get back to the point, no! I'm not reading anything different at all in spring!


John Mutford said...

It really is funny how the concept of "four seasons" seems to drilled into everyone's minds at school, yet a HUGE chunk of the Earth's population experience no such thing. I'm astounded to hear some teachers where I live go on to their students about fall being the time when the leaves change colour when we're well above the tree line. Here today's BTT question could begin, "Now that you're experiencing sunlight again..." Alas, my answer would be pretty much the same.

Anonymous said...

At the moment in the UK we seem to be experiencing the opposite of you i.e. Winter and not Winter (but definitely not even Spring, let alone Summer). Still at least we do have more daylight. If I was in John's position I would go completely crazy.

Linda Jacobs said...

I live in a four season area but my reading material doesn't change either. I just read what I want when I want.

What a great photo!

M said...

I haven't noticed any discernable difference in my reading. I read whatever my bookclub book is for the month and then fit in whatever else I can from my TBR pile.