Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Knubbly lovely
Here's a close-up of how that hand-dyed wool from a couple of posts ago knits up — this is the right side ...... and here it is on the reverse:I'm using a sort of herringbone stitch which I thought would show off the flashes of colour, as they are not big enough to make stripes or anything clever. I found the stitch pattern here.

:: It is unusually hot here. Already. I think it got up to 34C, and it's still 28C. Must be those Santa Ana winds. But it's going to cool down tomorrow and get back to normal through the rest of the week.

:: More bookish posts coming real soon. I'm thrilled and a bit chuffed to report that two publishers and a writer from Arizona have sent me books to read and review!

:: I'm also thrilled and a bit chuffed to report that I'm off to England with Lily in July. My cousin's daughter, Samantha, a lovely English girl who lived with us in Perth for eight months in 1995-96, is getting married in Sussex. I always promised her that I'd be there when she got married, so we're booked and all set. We'll be spending three or four days in Paris as well while we're in the neighbourhood!


M said...

Looks fabulous! and I love the stitch.

Anonymous said...

It knits up beautifully!

Fairlie said...

That is knitting up really well. You're right - flashes of colour describes it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

If you're anywhere near Birmingham tea will be ready and waiting for you.

zetor said...

That wool is so nice, I really like that.