Thursday, 1 May 2008

Yesterday, I saw a photograph of me from behind.
So now I own an exercise bike and a set of scales.
And today, I had only rose-and-lemon tea when I met a friend at Peet's Coffee House in La Jolla, and when we went on to lunch I had spinach soup and a salad and peppermint tea — even though it was a French cafe and the coffee looked and smelled out of this world. But I have milk and sugar in coffee, so uh uh.
And after lunch I went to Whole Foods and bought the makin's and the fixin's for muesli, so I can have a wonderfully healthy breakfast to keep me going through the morning.
And while I was chopping dried mango, dried apples, dates and figs to add to the oats, flax, oat bran, peanuts, sultanas (they call them golden raisins here), ginger and almonds, Nipper was mystified.'You're obviously chopping something, I can hear the knife on the board. But it isn't meat, is it? Is it? I'll wait here anyway, salivating, looking cute, just in case meat appears ...'
At Whole Foods, I taught a Japanese man all about muesli, and how to make it for his kids. He bought a lot of the ingredients I had chosen, so I hope his wife and kids will like it (a) because my mix is my mix and I have raw peanuts and ginger in it, and (b) because, as Laura knows, Japanese people eat w-e-i-r-d things for breakfast!
I have done 11 minutes on the bike — hey! It's only day two! I'm working up to the full 20! And now I'm going to take the dogs for a walk. I'm aiming to lose 10 kg in 10 weeks. Oh lord.


Laura Jane said...

Brave brave brave - and very sensible - I should join you!!!!I am quite sure the behind view would not be flattering to anyone!

Finding myself eating way too much comfort chocolate at the moment. I think a bit of self-restraint is in order.

Cute photo of Nipper!

Meg said...

My dog thinks Nipper is on to something!

Victoria said...

That museli does look really really tasty. I feel inspired to make some!
Also - love that wool and it's flecks of color.

Natalie said...

This hits home.
A photo of me, from any angle, tells the whole story: I need to stick to teas and salads, eaten from the seat of a bicycle.