Saturday, 24 May 2008

Two of my boysCouldn't resist showing you this fantastic pic Will took of himself and Nipper on Wednesday arvo. Nipper's winning the hairy chin comp!
:: It's chilly and rainy today — wonderful! I love it. Summer can take as long as it feels like to get here, as far as I'm concerned. I had a fire last night as I phoned Mum and Dad back home (Dad's miraculously recovered and back home, phew!), spoke to Dace about her trip back to the US in the autumn, and watched the last lovely episode of Cranford; and we even had the heater on this morning when Will and I got up.
:: Dave's away still, but he gets back tomorrow night — yay! He's in New York today and keeps taunting me by ringing me every hour or so as he works his way down, floor by floor, through the Whitney Museum. 'I've just finished the fifth floor — Hoppers, Rauschenberg ... ' Oh shut up! Later today he's off to watch the Yankees play at Yankee Stadium, which is due to be demolished soon and rebuilt.
:: Will has been excellent company this week, and he's stuck close to home to study for two tests today and to complete his senior paper on Schwarzenegger's proposed $4 billion budget cuts for education for the state of California. Now there's a big spanner in the works ...
:: Nothing more to write home about. Before David left on Saturday, I made a mental list of all the projects I'd accomplish while I had the house more or less to myself. Result: nada!


Laura Jane said...

Was enjoying time with Will on your list?

It should have been, if so you get a big TICK!

Great photo. Have you heard from my boy? The Swine hasn't even phoned or emailed to say he's arrived safely. Grump.

Jennifer said...

I'm all for the concept that what you were meant to accomplish was indeed down time and the enjoyment of Will's company. The rest will wait. And I'm so glad to hear that your dad is doing better -- such good news!

Anonymous said...

My heating's on as well and the rain is lashing down. What is it with this weather?