Monday, 5 May 2008

Senior prom! OMG!
Will went to his senior prom last night! What wonderful fun it all was, from watching him go off last week with his mates to hire their evening suits, ordering the corsages for the girls (without a Southern California version of Wayne Stubbs to whip up something amazing, everyone resorted to the flower stall in the local Ralph's supermarket!) ...getting a few pointers from David about how to tie the tie ...and getting to the 'before' party at the house of his best mate, James:James's date, the lovely CJ, was in the running for Prom Queen (but was pipped at the post by a rank outsider, apparently)
After hearing all about her (and hearing Will describe the red dress she intended to wear on the night), it was great to meeting the gorgeous Vanessa, Will's date ...I so enjoyed stalking him, as the sun started to set and the light faded, for just one more photograph of him all dressed up ("Mum, will you piss off with the camera, okay?!")He gets his braces off in just three more weeks — after two and a half years — and it would have been cute to have seen him flashing those beautiful teeth instead of that wonky smile we've grown to love!
The girls all looked beautiful. Stunning. So many styles of dresses, colours and flowers. And the young men looked dashing in their suits — what a relief to see there were no white tuxedo jackets. Though we were a little amused by the concept of the formal sneaker and the formal baseball cap/leather trilby!There was lots of posing and fussing and giggling before the word went round that 'The Bus' had arrived to take them off to the prom itself, in Coronado. Well, to be more accurate, we heard its booming bass before we knew what it was. And it clearly was no school bus!


Natalie said...

Wow... what a night.. or at least the first part. Everyone looks dazzling and how cool that they joined forces for a big gathering.

Fairlie said...

Wow! I *love* seeing senior prom/formal/schooldance (choose appropriate label) photos. Thanks for sharing your son's night!

No white tuxedo? Yay. And also, I note, no meringue dresses either.

And what a bus.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, It all looked such a great night and Will looked great. Loved the corsage mention. Balls /Proms seem to be the same the world over - now that's what I call a bus. Love Shelley

Laura Jane said...

I agree about the smile - I would have loved to see the 'last of the braces' smile!

Please post lots more photos of Will with his pearly whites post-braces.

Ahh, the nostalgia of the ball/senior prom. I remember mine, and Patty's, and this time last year it was Steff's.

And that was SOME bus!!!

Anonymous said...

We could so do with this sort of tradition in the UK. The pictures are wonderful. Thanks so much for sharing them.