Monday, 12 May 2008

Monday weigh-inFor scientific purposes, I've researched the calorific values of a York Peppermint Pattie (delicious peppermint cream dipped in dark chocolate) and the Weight Watchers equivalent (spelt 'patty'). Not a ha'penn'th of difference. They're probably the same product, let's be honest. Anyway, two of these are my daily treat.
I've lost 1.1 kg (2.42 lb) since last Monday's weigh-in. Though I did have my glasses on when I was on the scales, so it may actually be quite a lot more than that.
I'm up to a 30-minute ride on the bike, which takes me — or so it says — about 11 km (7 miles). My first days in the saddle were really hard on the bum and boring, and the whole thing seemed impossibly hard work. But now I can see even this tiny result, I feel a lot better about it.
My bike time, with a good music selection, is great thinking (and huffing and puffing) time.
Here's some inspiration from the Sydney Olympics ...


alice said...

Congrats! I hope you motivate me. Not to eat the patty. I need no motivation there, I assure you. I, being of oompaloompa stature, need more excersise motivation.

Fairlie said...

Patty just looks wrong. Tastes delicious, I'm sure, but that spelling looks all wrong.

Well done. 1.1kgs is amazing.

Jennifer said...

Hurray for you -- great job! Are you riding a stationary bike or are you out on the road?