Saturday, 19 April 2008

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I'm so excited: Lily is coming home for a long weekend. She rang me on Tuesday with news of a dead computer, a lost phone charger, a lost wallet, and finally a badly burnt arm, sustained while she was making pancakes. So I told her that she needed to come home to the sunshine and let me feed her soup and tuck her up in her bed after a night in front of the telly. She sadly said that sounded wonderful, so we decided to surprise her.
I have so many frequent flyer points after my two trips to Oz and back that we rang Alaska Airlines straight away and in five minutes had her booked on a plane home. She gets in just before midnight tonight and leaves late on Monday night. Yay!

:: David's brother, Jeff, their sister, Heather, and her husband, Peter, have just arrived in town. We went to LA airport to meet them very early on Wednesday morning and, to keep them awake so they could stave off jetlag, we drove them to Hollywood ...
... stopped for coffee at Mel's on Sunset Boulevard (below, you can see Heath at the entrance and Jeff doing his best not to fall asleep across the bonnet of my car) ...... then drove them along the coast through Orange County, stopping at beautiful San Clemente for lunch in the sunshine ... ... before we finally let them stumble off to their hotel in downtown San Diego in the mid-afternoon.
Lily's thrilled that her weekend home will coincide with a visit from her uncles and auntie, and dinner at the Bondi and brekkie at the Del.
Will is hoping Jeff, who's been a bit of a cricket star in his day, will find time for a game of cricket at the park. This is getting pretty serious now. Will's mates come round after school for a couple of hours on the local oval soccer pitch, and they have bought gloves, balls and pads online.

:: Next week, my cousin, Duncan, and his wife, Amy, will come to stay for a few days. They live on Vancouver Island, Canada, and are driving down the west coast of the US on their way to New Mexico, stopping with us in San Diego before the big turn left and inland. So there'll be even more dinner at the Bondi and brekkie at the Del. Love it!

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Laura Jane said...

(((((BIG HUGS))))) to Lily.

Have a great weekend, say hi to the Del for me!