Sunday, 13 April 2008

New York moments

So we're sitting in a theatre on 54th Street, waiting for 'Sunday in the Park with George' to start, and there are two quintessential New York couples chatting on my left - think Bette Midler/Nathan Lane accents.
Wife 1 to Wife 2: Oh those are nice shoes, Lorraine, very nice!
W2: Ya think so? I got 'em at Saks and you know what? They pinch me something dreadful ...
W1: So you should take 'em back already!
W2: I did, I did, and I told 'em at Saks that these shoes hoyt ...
Husband 2 (interjecting): And ya know what they said at Saks? 'Oh, but you've worn the shoes!' And I said, 'Well of course she's worn the shoes, how else would she know they hoyt her? Waddyareckon? You think these shoes look out the box and speak to her and say to her they're gonna hoyt?' Sheesh!

:: We had a fab night on Thursday, and saw Nathan Lane (as above) in David Mamet's play, 'November', which was great fun and a great laugh. Afterwards, noticing Sardi's just up the road, we went in for a nightcap. We were with our friend, Susan, and as she went to get the drinks, she waved to this old guy sitting in the corner of the bar, who'd been waving at her and pointing at David.
He looked over at me and, raised his glass, so I waved back and he gave me a beaming broad smile and a wink in return. You could see he was just gently pissed.
By this time, Susan was back in her chair, and David had got up to take some dirty glasses from our table back to the bar.
So the old guy in the corner grinned up at Dave, grabbed his arm and said: "Good to see you back! So you're still at it?'
'Yeah,' answered Dave, 'It just goes on and on.'
'Well,' says the old guy, winking at Dave, 'We all still love ya!'
We think he thought Dave was Steve Martin ...

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