Wednesday, 9 July 2008

1 and a bit Q in 2W!
Well, we have finished putting together the top and the back of Larissa's quilt. Yes, the back is purple — that's another of Larissa's favourite colours. She should be a Freo fan!
We ran out of one of the fabrics for the backing, so we improvised, as you can see. I like the make-do aspect of this!

I'm fully intending to quilt it myself, even though it is queen size and I'll end up wrapped in it for most of the rest of summer. But Lily, thinking to save me some work, went investigating online and found out that once we've pinned the two layers together with the batting between, we can get it professionally hand-quilted by the Amish for $360 — which seems expensive, but not really when you think about what a fabulous job they'd do of it, with tiny little stitches and no more than 2" between stitching — or machine quilted by someone with a handy long-arm quilting machine for $270.
But I'll stick with plan A.

Now to get stuck into Lily's — we made a minuscule mock-up with tiny squares of her fabrics which we glued to paper and then Photoshopped to see how it would repeat.
We'll be cutting that out tomorrow. We won't get as far with this one before we go away on Monday, but we'll see. :: David and Will are in San Francisco, trying to find Will and his friends somewhere to rent once term starts towards the end of August.


Nick Baker said...

She's really going to like this! There's going to be a lot of screaming and bouncing when she sees it.

Natalie said...

Want some company? I am *stuck* hand quilting a fairly large project too. Sending it off sounds tempting, but it wouldn't have the same emotional impact.
Are you going for 'tiny stitches, no more than 2" apart?' I think you would be an excellent motivator for me... to keep the integrity of my work, instead of searching for short cuts!
I like hand quilting, but my fingers hurt and at this rate... who knows when I can finish it.

Victoria said...

I love it. The back is just as nice as the front. I guess it will be a lot of work to finish off but so worth it!

M said...

I'm so intrigued about the fact you can get the Amish to hand quilt. Wouldn't you love to sit at watch them work?