Tuesday, 1 July 2008

2Q in 2W The day after we all re-assembled in San Diego after our trips — Will, David and I from Phoenix and San Francisco, Lily from Phoenix and Albuquerque — Lily said: 'Mum? Can we make a quilt?'
What do you reckon?
As it turns out, she wants to make two quilts. Queen-size. One for her bed up in the chilly north, and one for her friend and housemate, Larissa.
So off we went to Rosie's quilt shop at La Mesa, and Lily chose all the fabrics. Larissa's is all in greens — which, frankly, is a challenge for me as it's really outside my comfy colour zone — and Lily's is in oranges and purples.

We've kicked David off the end of the dining table that doubles as his desk, and we've taken over the kitchen and dining room completely. Cutting board is up on the kitchen work bench, sewing machine on the dining table, iron close by.We were at it well into the night last night, and with two quilts to make in two weeks, before we go to England, we'll be at it again all day today ...
Lily plays me strange and wonderful music from her growing collection of indie rock and pop, and we cut and stitch and iron and chat and argue, sorting out the world's problems and the Australian and American political scenes, while David, Will and his mates all swing in and out, contributing their opinions.
She knits, too
:: PS, I've now lost 3.7 kg (8.2 lb). Yay!


peppermintpatcher said...

You cannot be creative without making a mess that spreads across several rooms. My husband knows this to be the truth!

Good luck with two quilts in two weeks!

Ulla said...

My mess usually covers the living room permanently! Not to speak of the hobby room where my sewing machine is. Quilting with your daughter must be such fun, but really finishing two quilts in 2 weeks ... you must make long days! (Or a husband/son who will do the cooking etc)

Natalie said...

I love this ambition! 2 weeks, 2 quilts?! So, how will you finish them? Do you machine quilt? Am I going to be loitering around your neighborhood looking for machine quilting instructions?! I can't wait to see the results... please share!