Sunday, 13 July 2008

Q2 coming along wellLily's been working furiously on her quilt, and now has finished its centre medallion. There are another twelve more blocks to go around this bit, apparently, and she wants to get over halfway before we leave on Monday morning.
:: Will and David have arrived home from San Francisco with great news: Will has found a job, as a sort of intern/assistant to a photographic studio — fantastic! Plus, he and his friends have found a wonderful, roomy, light-filled apartment, the whole top floor of a house, in the Haight district, the legendary centre of 1960s counter-culture (man) and site of the Summer of Love. He's so excited!

:: My suitcase is open on the floor of my bedroom, ready for me to casually throw in bits and pieces as I think of them, for our trip to the UK. So far, that is a US-UK plug adaptor. So I'll have to get cracking soon.
We're flying Delta, via Cincinnati, and I think the luggage restrictions will be a shock after flying Qantas long-haul flights so frequently, with its generous 32-kilo allowance, plus the same again for frequent flyers. Thank goodness it's summer, so we won't need to pack anything heavy.

:: Lily and I walked the dogs to the vet today to start the long, slow, complicated bureaucratic process that is required for us to take them home to Australia next February. The vet knew what we'd be battling with to meet Australia's famously strict controls: micro-chips, certified rabies shots, blood tests, monitored tick baths — all beginning this far in advance so the poor boys will spend as short a time as possible in quarantine back home. It's so much more complicated to get them home again than it was to bring them to the US, which required not a lot more than rabies shots, a vet's signature and a flight booking. We picked them up at LA airport and drove them home.
Oh well, let's just hope we get through the process okay — we're terrified that they'll get all the way back across the Pacific and be rejected because of some minor stuff-up.


Fairlie said...

That quilt is looking fabulous. I really like the colour choices.

Great news about Will - apartment and great job.

Jennifer said...

Whoa. And, whoa. How did I miss the "going back to Australia in February" bit? Have you written a lot about that yet? What's the deal, or where can I find (or re-read? really, my mind is a sieve) a previous post about this? Is it permanent (as much as your wonderful journeys are?).

Meanwhile, it is my pleasure to bestow upon you the "Brillante Weblog" award; stop by my place to pick up the graphic, then spread the cheer to 7 others.

Oh, and I am loving the quilt and the good word on Will....

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I love it. Nice work. I hope you show a finished photo.