Sunday, 13 July 2008

A little NYC pied-a-terre
Thought you'd like this ground-floor flat. It's a snap for $575,000. I'd have to re-do the kitchen — I'm not a big fan of seeing and hearing the fridge from the living room.

:: Lily and I are off to Fashion Valley this morning. We have to get our eyebrows shaped, and I want to look for a dress to wear to the lovely Sam's wedding (yes, I have left it a bit late, but I'm confident: shopping here is that good).
I'm signing off now for a couple of weeks. But if I get the chance to download some pics and post from the UK, I'll give it a shot.

Bye-ee!:: The lovely Jennifer, over at Infinity More Monkeys, has given me the above award. Why thank you, Jennifer! In turn, I get to pass the award on to seven other bloggers:
Natalie, who lives just a few canyons from me in San Diego and whose family journal-style writing I discovered soon after the traumas of last year's wildfires. She's longing for a home of her own and a piece of land to raise chooks, veggies and her happy healthy kids!
• Kim, who lives near Seattle, in the Pacific North-West, and whose blog, Something to Say, is unfailingly full of great art, ideas, photographs, designs and interesting links every single day.
• Birdie, who writes/curates dear ada. I don't know her at all really, but every day she posts about artists and designers, promoting them and publicising them. I hope they email her privately to heap praise and thanks on her!
I've found so many great artists and works on her site, and on Kim's, and have passed countless links from them on to Will, who now has a host of bookmarked sites to inspire him.
Then there are my Australian reads, starting with
• Laura, one of my bestest and closest and most missed mates from home, who started off her blog, Loving the Question, quite hesitantly, and who now writes with great gusto and bravado and fluency about her life, her crafts, her travels, and especially her career as a midwife.
Shirley, Fairlie and M are new friends. I love visiting them for a taste of life in Melbourne (Around the Traps), Sydney (EasternMax) and Queensland (Rhubarb Whine), and welcome doses of lovely Aussie irony and humour. I remember with thanks how they kept in touch with me when my dad was really sick and I had to rush back to Perth, twice. They really helped me keep my pecker up!
Now you all have to re-produce the button (above) and dob in seven worthy blogs. Have fun!


Kim Carney said...

Thank you! Thank you! xoxo

M said...

Thank you Lesley!

Laura Jane said...

Oooh, thanks hon! Blush.

What fun.

Natalie said...

Another blusher here... thank you for thinking of me, and for putting me in such good company!
Have a marvelous time, and I look forward to quilting and the convention. See you soon!

Fairlie said...

Oh my. I'm honoured. Thank you.

Have a great trip and good luck with the shopping.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, thanks :) Such nice company I keep, too :)

Suse said...

Thanks for some lovely new links to check out.

And I wanted to say I ADORE that green and purple quilt a few posts down!