Friday, 26 September 2008

I think it's the weather. Isn't it a cruel joke that of all the places in all the world where I could've ended up — me, a summer-hating, temperate-zone kinda girl who wants to shrivel up in humidity and who longs to hear the rain — I've ended up in Southern California where there is so little rain we don't even have gutters on our houses.
Or maybe it's the hair. I'm trying to grow it — against the sage advice of darling Maggie, into whose keeping I entrusted it seventeen years ago, and who has kept it looking wonderful for almost all that time, even when I'm over here.
She told me I'd hate doing this. She'll be saying 'I told you so!' as she reads this. And laughing.
I've had short hair for yearsnyears and now — in a sudden post-menopausal, let's-live-a-little-before-I-become-totally-invisible-and late-middle-aged kind of rebellion — I've decided to let it grow. Just shoulder length. I just fancy being able to swoosh it into a ponytail or up into a loose knot.
So I'm at that suicidal stage with it right now. It's horrendous. I have to wear a headband to keep it out of my eyes. Very daggy. It's not long enough to tie back, but it's too long to stay where I want it. It's driving me completely nuts and Maggie, who is now wagging her finger at me, told me this was exactly what I'd be putting up with.
And should I keep colouring it? I'm about three-quarters grey, and in my former life I was really dark brown. So if I grew out the seasonal adjustments, I'd be salt and pepperish which is not good. Especially when it's blotchy.


Natalie said...

Autumn in So Cal is nothing short of cruel. It's hot and dry and only teases about rain. Terrible.
Hair... goodness, that's a tough one. I like what you have now, but I know the longing for long hair, the swoosh and the up-do.

Laura Jane said...

Ah Lesley - my partner in aspiring longhairdom. I have had mine tidied up a bit - which has sprung my curls up!

I now have to choose between looking curly-ish or blowdrying it into sleeker style. So far its working. And I can get a little ponytail now.

And then there's the whole product/no product dilemna! Sigh. I'm still on holidays so lets see how I cope when I go back to work.

And I am DEFINITELY still colouring.

M said...

I've always been told that when growing out hair one should be inventive and creative with the use of hair clips. However, I suspect that that advice works for twenty-somethings... I can't imagine wearing hair clips creatively these days.

It's hot. How about a hat instead?

Karen said...

Keep at it, Les, imagining the gorgeous chignons or French rolls you can fashion - or if it all gets too hard, chop it off! That's the beauty of this kind of thing, you can take it one day at a time.
As someone who discusses hair colouring options with her DENTIST, I am not really the one to give advice on the to-dye-or-not-to-dye question. I'm sticking with my giving-it-up decision for the while - but every now and then it looks particularly drack and I waver ...
Anything could happen.

pinkfairygran said...

I am returning the favour, thank you for reading my blog - for those interested in reading the ramblings of a ditzy woman approaching pensionable age - and thank you so much for the nice comment. Lots of people have read it, so few have bothered to comment though. I was thinking of getting one of those freebie things that allows you to see how many people view, and where they are from. Has anyone else used it?

I cannot imagine living without rain, with almost constant sun, and little change in weather. One of the things I so love about living in England is the unpredictability, the changing seasons. Right now we are tumbling into autumn, with the leaves going from green to pale lemon, then to a tangeriney colour, then deepest bronze, like those gorgeous huge chrysanthemums you can buy. Hate the smell, love the OTTness of some of the blooms though! And in a vase with branches of Cotinus (the Smoke Bush) 'Grace', and a few stems from a wispy grass, they look quite splendid.
As for the long hair, I have tried to grow mine, bearing in mind they say longer hair is kinder to the older woman. Well, it depends on the face of course.... it doesn't suit me any more. Aged 20+ I had it long - it is titian coloured and I used to model for the local camera club who just loved the colour of it, and the length and thickness. Now, faded, a few silver strands in there - NO, they are not GREY! - thinner in texture which saddens me. But then I think, it's only hair, if it gets too thin I'll cut it REALLY, REALLY short and wear wigs, then my imagination can run riot.
Time for me to get on with my day... I plan on working on the novel today, sitting in my summerhouse, listening to the chickens chuntering away at each other, the birds singing, and ignoring the noise of cars going by on the road at the front of the house.
Love the blog Lesley....will come back for more!