Saturday, 27 September 2008

Post-blahFeeling on top of the world today — there's just no accounting for the moods. I had a good, thorough clean-up at home, which entailed even moving the furniture to wash the floor beneath. Serious stuff.
I also embarked on a new knitting project (a tardy PIF gift), and after lunch I listened/watched a couple of my saved-up vodcasts of Jennifer Byrne and the First Tuesday Book Club, from ABC-TV, which was the perfect accompaniment.
:: David has gone to the Bondi, which is Aussie Rules central this evening for the Grand Final. We are booked out. I'm not inclined to support or even like either team generally, but will go for the Hawks just this once for the sake of our exec chef, Rhy, who's gold and brown through and through.
:: I had been planning a quiet night at home with last night's yummy leftovers for dinner, and the first of the great debates between McCain and Obama on the telly. But then Will and two of his mates all declared they were going to watch the debate with me here. So that's even better.
Poor old Duffer McCain tried SO hard to get out of it, with all his twaddling and twiddling about calling off the campaign to sort out the country's finances. Yeah, right!
:: Thanks for all the hints and advice about the hair, by the way. I shall persevere and aim for Rapunzel. Actually, with a jolly headband on today and a skirt beneath my house-cleaning pinny, I felt very French today in a very spooky old sort of a way. Weird!


M said...

I'm up here in my office avoiding the AFL. Mind you it's much easier to avoid the Grand Final here in Sydney than in Melbourne!

pinkfairygran said...

Hello Lesley,

I love the idea of a jolly headband making you feel very French. Or was it the apron.. surely not one of the frilly, ooh-la-la types? Although that would make you feel French!

I meant to say yesterday that I was interested in reading your book list for the year. I have read about ten of them, some I had never even heard of, but maybe that's because they are less well-known American writers. I review for the Romantic Novel of the Year awards in Britain, not my preferred genre, but some of them have been surprising in that I actually enjoyed them. Of course, one has to put aside personal preferences, and it has been good in some cases, to read something I wouldn't normally choose. I just love to read, full stop.