Tuesday, 30 September 2008

All correct at the check outI could not believe my eyes this morning, when I saw this sign (above) in the Trader Joe's supermarket in Encinitas. Yee ha! Must be the only one in the world to get that right!
If you don't believe your eyes either, click on the pic for a bigger image — yup! That's what it says! Big ticks.
I was shopping for bits and pieces for my Christmas cake recipe, and later found myself at Ralph's, our huge, friendly supermarket just up the road. And look what I found there ...
Gen-yoo-wine Australian banksia flowers.Gorgeous. And only $10 a stem. Oh — that's my bag of Australian navel oranges there. I'm doing my bit!
:: Talking of cooking, which I was, sort of, I was flipping through a new US cookbook, looking for a pumpkin soup recipe. I found one, and it sounded great — until I clapped eyes on the last ingredient: "One fifteen-ounce can of pumpkin." Yup — it comes all mushy in cans here, ready for pumpkin pie etc.
I was stunned: if you're going to open a can of pumpkin mush to make soup, why not simply open a can of pumpkin soup and be done with it?

:: Just check out this funny but alarming video compilation about the venerable McCain, which I found on Anna Banana's blog and couldn't resist sharing with yall. And has everyone creased with laughter over Tina Fey's Sarah Palin take-offs from Saturday Night Live? Just brilliant.
I bet Governor Palin's being firmly tutored and coached and spoken to very intensely this week as she prepares for the vice-presidential debate on Thursday night. Looking forward to it.


Melinda said...

Pumpkin soup.... perfect now. We are just getting cool mornings and evenings in the south. Noon is still rather warm, but Fall is definitely creeping in. My favorite season.

Palin/McCain are sure easy comedy targets.... their speeches/press conferences are practically jokes themselves. I have a standing offer to move to Australia if they win!

pinkfairygran said...

Here in Norfolk in England, the nights and early mornings are getting chilly enough to have some heat in the house... there are times when even the softest snuggly isn't always enough. Pumpkins and gourds in all the farmers markets and farm shops, they are so gorgeous made into soups. One recipe I use cooks the pumpkin flesh with a little stick of cinnamon, and once blended when you reheat gently before serving, you stir in a couple of teaspoonfuls of dry or medium sherry. It really perks it up, and when served in the pumpkin shell, makes a spectacular Hallowe'en supper.

Fairlie said...

Perhaps that is what happens in an economic downturn - people with PhDs in literature end up working in Trader Joe's writing signs? Maybe we can look forward to more correct grammar in supermarket signage?