Wednesday, 1 October 2008

How's your hue IQ?
How about Orange — one of my favourite design/idea/arty blogs — posted a link to this great colour test. Try it out! I scored 12, and had trouble with the blues and greens. Zero is the perfect score.
:: This is clearly the day for cannibalising other people's blogs and all their hard work! Here's a meme I found at over at Rhubarb Whine — lovely blog written by a very talented fellow experfite:

Porn Star name (first pet, first street where you lived):

Tiddles Bluebell

Rock star name (favourite pet, current car):

Yoshi Toyota (that well-known Jap-rap sensation)

Gangsta name (favourite ice cream flavour, favourite type of shoe):

Chunk'o'toffee Slingback

Native American name (hair colour, favourite animal, favourite hobby):

Dark Dog Painter

Soap Opera Name (middle name, city where you were born):

Ann Norwich (too bland to go far ...)

Star Wars name (first 3 letters of last name & first 2 of first name, last 3 letters of middle name):

Zamleann (my younger son is Zamwidan — much more convincing)

Stripper Name (favourite perfume, favourite candy):

Rumor Peppermint Pattie

TV Newsreader name (grandparents first name, any town that starts with the same letter):

Gladys Glasgow (serious cred!), or

Emilie Edmonton, or Elizabeth Edgbaston

Spy Name (favourite season, favourite flower):

Winter Freesia

Cartoon name (favourite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing now):

Cherry Shorts

Hippie name (what you ate for breakfast, favourite tree):

Cheerios Eucalypt.


Anonymous said...

Emilie Edmonton, with breaking news...

M said...

I just can't get my Star Wars name to work out:


but perhaps using a former name:


still terrible.

Stripper name: coco lindt ball

Hippy name: Muesli Jacaranda!!!

Anonymous said...

19. I scored 19. I could see no faults, I think I need new eyes...

Ulla said...

The test was fun, and I scored 7! I think I can remember colours well, when I need to buy thread for a fabric and don't have a sample with me.