Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Razor sharp I left all my paper-cutting gear out while I was in New Mexico, and Will decided to have a go. These are all his work. While I drew my designs before cutting them, Will just got stuck straight into it with the scalpel. The dancing skeletons (below) were part of an assignment he had at college to come up with designs for the Day of the Dead (October 31 to November 2).
:: I love all the Day of the Dead art everywhere in this part of the world. A store in Santa Fe had this great display of papier mache dancing skeletons ... ... and I was able to pick up a bit more to add to my collection at home! Love it.
:: We had awful news this morning: the apartment we'd booked and paid for in New York for next month, where we'd planned to celebrate Lily's 21st, doesn't exist. We've been the victims of a well-organised scam which is apparently under investigation by the FBI.
Poor Dave is so furious. We've never been ripped off, or stolen from, before — apart from identity theft on my Visa card, which the bank reimbursed me for — and it's really sickening.


Natalie said...

ooh... that is very sad-maddening-infuriating news... just focus on Will's beautiful art. Art heals.

Laura Jane said...

Oh those scamming bastards! What a rotten trick, I hope you can find an alternative on a Wot-if equivalent. BUGGER!

And I love Will's papercuts - the top one should be titled Vas Deferens... at least that is the first image that came to mind for me :P

Fancy him being able to just cut into it and go for it like that!

Lesley said...

Yes — the gonad impression is strong! But can you now see the snake coiled around its eggs?

M said...

Gosh, Will really is talented.

I'm so sorry to hear about the apartment scam. How would you know? We all book online, we all use our cards online. You must be feeling horrible.