Tuesday, 21 October 2008

For your consideration
I have had great fun, Dace: and here are some very classy exec-style bags from our favouritest store in the world. Let me know what you reckon! (That one in the bottom right hand of the pic above is not leather, but it is sturdy, well-designed and stylish and about $25.)
1. This green one is Italian. Lovely leather. I looked for a black one, but no luck.3. This one is by Maurizio Tauiti, Italian. Gorgeous soft, thick leather. It's big, and the top sort of folds over loosely. Unstructured even. Mi piace molto! No compartments, but pockets on the inside walls.
I have tried to get this pic up the right way, with no success. 2. These are Michael Kors bags. Lovely leather, in a range of colours. The original price ticket says $348 (it's a bit blurry — sorry!).You could have one in every colour, for every outfit!
They have nice top-stitching, and my hefty model reckoned this one felt like a very stylish soft leather briefcase. I liked the light-coloured fabric lining, which makes it easier to see inside and find things.
4. Margot was also interesting, though I can't remember her country of origin.There's also a removable shoulder strap with this one. I like the lining, too!
5. This one (below) is not much to look at in my blurry pic, but this is a roomy Kenneth Cole. Kenneth is an established name in American leather goods and fashion.The leather is smooth and shiny — not as shiny as patent leather, though.
6. And we'll finish today's showing with another cheapy, not in leather, but roomy and practical nonetheless. This is popular Tommy Hilfiger, in green and also in a dark tan.Nice sturdy construction and a pleasing shiny lining.Of course, I have forgotten the price, or to take a pic of the tag. But I think Tommy was going for about $30.

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