Friday, 24 October 2008

The news channels have been making a big fuss, over the past few days, about the fact that vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin spent $150,000 of Republican money on clothes for the campaign.
On his nightly satirical news show, Jon Stewart asked how anyone could spend $150,000 on clothes in eight weeks.

I could understand how, especially shopping at Nieman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, where she spent most of the loot.
The more pertinent question, I reckon, is how anyone can spend $150,000 on clothes and still not look like it!


Natalie said...

It's too much to actually think about.

Laura Jane said...

If I end my life having spent that much money on clothes, TOTAL, I'll have still been spoilt and overdressed.

And I agree - she still looks like Caribou Barbie wearing her 'serious' office clothes.

(ooh, my verification word is faicons - i.e. "we're doing" in French)

Anonymous said...

Clothes maketh the woman.

If she can't be 'makethed' for that amount of money, then what hope does she have?

M said...

I just think that some of the $150K could've been spent on explaining that her hairdo went out like 15 years ago. Or was that just in Australia?

She does have serious eyewear. Nothing cheap about her eyewear.

Anonymous said...

Surley she would have a stylist and a fashion / style adviser?