Thursday, 30 October 2008

The head cold is in retreat, leaving me with the traditional cough, croak and cold-sore. Noice.
I haven't had the brain power to do very much lately, and I'd hoped to have been churning through Lily's quilt.
But all I've felt like is reading and knitting. Beanies for Will and his mates, who really like them. The endless rounds are quite soothing when you're feeling off.
And a Monteagle bag from Mason Dixon Knitting. You can find a lot of them on Ravelry, too. In my haste to start this one, I used the wrong sort of yarn and the wrong sized needles. But what the hey.It involves some fun stitches, and should all unravel when it's finished to reveal a handy string bag for shopping. It's quick, too.
:: We've been watching Mad Men on DVD. It's set in a Madison Avenue advertising agency in 1960. First episode was very clever, and the period is brilliantly created. But by the third episode, I need a break! So many hideous characters! Such rampant sexism and general arseholery. Shudder.
It won lots of Emmys, but I can see why it hasn't been a massive hit.

Plus, at the end of every episode you feel as if you've smoked a pack of Camels — without the filter tips — and downed a litre of scotch. I'll get back to it after a rest from it!
:: I wrote a story for my old paper back in Perth. felt a bit rusty at first, but as soon as I got the intro down, I was off!
:: We're off to see Neil Young tonight! Yay! With the election so close, he'll be hot to trot. I'll have to have a nanny nap this arvo to manage to keep up late tonight. Death Cab for Cutie is supporting — don't know them at all. But I've discovered — thanks to David — that the band name was the title of a song by the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band from the sixties, which they performed on the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour. You can see that here. I've been a huge Bonzo Dog fan, since my brother and I lovingly watched every episode of the kids' show, Do Not Adjust Your Set, when we were very young.
:: We've almost settled on another apartment in New York for next week. Despite losing all our money on the last booking rip-off.
:: Got to go — need coffee.


M said...

I really gotta get me some of those circular needles.

Melinda said...

You people and your knitting.... so jealous. Why didn't my mother teach me to knit. Do you have to be coordinated to do that?

I haven't been able to get past a few episodes of Mad Men either. Love the period look and feel of it, but the subject matter is a bit tense.

Karen said...

Ooh Les, can't wait to read your article!
Enjoy Neil Young. I have tix to see Martha Wainwright in November! Unfortunately it's at the Fly - no seats, will have to stand all night.
My verification word is aerati - is that Italian for airheads?

Fairlie said...

Circular knitting? I'm struggling with the straight forward backwards and forwards type. I'll watch with admiration from a distance.

rhubarbwhine said...

Such pretty stitches. I do wish I could knit. Or draw, or paint, or sew, or anything. I am so talentless! I love looking at your stitchery.

peppermintpatcher said...

Death Cab for Cutie have the most divine song - I'll follow you into the dark. It makes me cry.

Glad you're feeling better.

Ulla said...

Circular stitching is easier than using two straight sticks! The bag pattern looks very interesting, I want to see how it will look when ready.