Thursday, 22 July 2010

Another week
I think our state's daily newspaper has given up on grammar and the apostrophe. Unless fury is a verb ...
:: Meanwhile, at our quality suburban weekly, I have just one more issue to go until Sir comes back. If he comes back, that is: he's doing a whole lot of nothing on Santorini at the moment ... what bliss.
:: I'm knitting a lacy scarf.
This is in gorgeous wool that was spun and dyed by Suse, who is the absolute bee's knees when it comes to lace-knitting.
I'd thought about knitting a shawl, but I am very much a scarf sort of a girl, and I can't wait to finish this one. Perth has been so extremely cold this winter (3 degrees forecast for tonight).
More photographs of the scarf when it's done and blocked.
:: We have a big happy lunch scheduled for Sunday: Lily has graduated and we're celebrating!


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS TO LILY and that scarf looks beautiful, both the pattern and the wool work so well together.Happy party day for Sunday.
Cheers, Shelley

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your celebrations!

Prudence says said...

The trouble with working at a newspaper (or having worked at one in one's dim history) is that these things jump out. They're impossible to ignore, and non-newspaper people don't see why you're so overwrought about it. You have my sympathy!

Suse said...

I think anyone with a basic understanding of grammar winces at the apostrophe abuses that abound in the blogosphere, advertising and newspapers.

Loving the scarf!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous colours, just divine!

M said...

Gosh Suse has done a beautiful job on that yarn, and you are doing a beautiful job of knitting it.