Monday, 5 July 2010

One of our reporters, a lovely young Irish bloke who worked in London for the News of the World (eeeeeyew) and can't believe his luck to be working for us now, has had a baby daughter, Molly.
So this cot quilt, about 150cm square, is for Molly.
It has been one of my therapeutic projects — all straight lines, nothing complicated, the perfect way to unwind.
I've given it a wash and it's now in the dryer, so it'll be all crinkly and lovely when I hand it over tomorrow.
:: Will has just enrolled in second semester fine arts, doing painting, printmaking and illustration. The lucky doer. Wish I could go back ...
:: Lily completes her four-year liberal arts degree this month from her US college. Majoring in history, lit and politics. So proud of her for sticking with it, especially when the going got tough and she moved to another continent. And it's sad that she was unable to graduate and celebrate with all her college mates, many of whose photos are on the website if you look at "graduating year of 2010".
She's writing a Mills & Boon novel (Harlequin Romance for US folk). She emailed me the summary last night and I have to share ...
"Ruby resolves not to let him know about her medicine degree, focusing instead on her modelling career.
"Chuck resolves to convince her he is a dead-beat surfer-dude who only cares about riding waves..."
But ... after I explain that Ruby and Chuck share a deep admiration for Sir David Attenborough and his Planet Earth nature documentary series ... this is my real favourite bit:
"They buy heaps of candy and give themselves sugar rushes and watch Planet Earth at the Imax, which Chuck has rented exclusively for the purpose ..."
I think Lily has perfectly captured the essence of pulp romance, don't you?


Fairlie said...

I'd read it.

But then, I have very eclectic tastes when it comes to reading - I do the full spectrum from chick lit to experimental writing.

I always fancied working at News of the World - I figured it was one place you could be both journalist and fiction writer at the same time. :)

I'm sure the quilt will be treasured.

Frogdancer said...

Lucky Molly!